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Stinkweeds Record Store Day: Black Friday 11.27.20

Stinkweeds Record Store Day: Black Friday 11.27.20

Along with all the Records Store Day Drops we've had, this year, we've also got another batch of RSD exclusives coming in for Black Friday!
You can check out these exclusive titles at HERE

All items available at Stinkweeds will be listed at

As you all know, we've been doing things a little different for all the Record Store Day drops. Well, that will be the same for Black Friday. We haven't decided if it will be exactly like the past RSD Drops, but we can say with certainty that it will not be in person sales. Our store is just too small to handle that kind of crowd while ensuring everyone's safety and comfort. You have all been great about showing your support while we navigate these weird times. We super appreciate that and we hope we've been able to facilitate a shopping experience for you that's been safe, comfortable and easy.

Please check back with us for more details on how we will be handling the RSD Black Friday Exclusive Releases!