Record Store Day Info

Record Store Day Info

Record Store Day is an annual celebration of record stores, usually held at the end of April. It started back in 2008 and has grown larger and larger, every year. Record Stores around the world hold events and offer exclusive releases, only available on Record Store Day. Stinkweeds has participated from the beginning and will definitely be offering up those exclusive releases, this year. However, things will be a little different, as is the case with just about everything.

Instead of having Record Store Day in April, it will be broken up into three separate dates or "Drops". Stinkweeds will be participating in all three dates, providing our customers with as many of the RSD exclusive releases as we can get our hands on!
The RSD Drop dates are
Saturday - August 29th
Saturday - September 26th
Saturday - October 24th
We will eventually have the RSD titles listed here, on our webstore. Till then, visit for a complete listing of exclusive releases.

From 7 to 9 (times subject to change) we will be taking your phone calls and processing orders over the phone. We will have multiple phone lines running and this will be first come first serve.

Starting at 10am (time also subject to change) we will be offering the remaining RSD titles, here, on our webstore. On the actual Saturday Record Store Days, these items will only be available for local customers doing local pickup. Starting the following day (Sunday) they will be available for mail order.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. 602-248-9461. We won't know the quantities until we have received our orders, so those questions might not be answered till we're about a week out from the RSD dates.